Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue Ivy Hands

First picture of baby Blue Ivy fingers touching Beyonce fingers
First Picture of Baby Blue Ivy Fingers Touching Beyonce Fingers
 People say me mommy Beyonce hands are pretty, but look at me me cute lil hand and fingers. Don't ya just wanna kiss me hand?

Me fingers taste yummy, I ALWAYS stick my finger in my mouth, but mommy makes me remove my tiny fingers from my mouth. Her say I can pick up germs. Beyonce no want me, her precious Blue Ivy Carter sick, then I'll be back at the hospital.

Gotta love mommy Beyonce motherly skills.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beyonce Baby Cartoon Pic

Cartoon Pic of Beyonce baby Blue Ivy
Cartoon pic of Beyonce baby Blue Ivy Carter
Aw, look at her. She not me, baby Blue Ivy Carter, but her does favor mommy Beyonce a bit.

Her has mama Beyonce hair wig, pretty eyes but not as pretty as the other bedroom eyes in this cartoon pic someone did of me, baby Blue Ivy.

I think the lips are plump and nice, but them teef nada like me teeth. Those teefs look like they need dental work. Plus, I just a baby; I no have any teeth yet.

I may look like this when I get older. Her sooo pretty. ALL smiles! :)