Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby Blue Ivy is WIDE AWAKE

Hey stans of me mommy, I took quick nap but me back up now.

I went on Youtube to see me mommy Beyonce videos and see what you guys think of me. I see some not so good comments that hurts me lil feelings, but YAY, Beysus STANS are defending me, the innocent me.

ME WUB you, going taking nap again, then coming back. Will upload pics of me mama B a bit later on.



Yeah, uh huh, I, "Blue Ivy" Carter is highly upset.

Me mommy stans believed the media when they spread rumor that me name was Ivy Blue Carter. Where that come from?

Get me name right, k? It is BLUE IVY Carter and I feeling blue over all of this.

When mommy Beyonce was laying in the hospital bed, I overheard a nurse asking what me name gonna be. She nearly choked and needed CPR when mama told her the color blue would be my first name.

 The nurse said I would be a sad case.  Spend most of my days drowning in tears, a sea of blue.

I think her was right. I no wanna cry no more, so get me name right next time!

Sorry for me baby tantrum and small rant. The mixing up, the incorrectness of my name  was still upsetting me. We good now.

Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter -- I assume you been hearing much about me lately, huh?

The gossip that traveled to me tiny little ears was that my name is Ivy Blue Carter.


Me guess you wondering what is me name then, huh? What is Beyonce baby name? What did Beyonce name her baby... I'll tell ya.

Mommy Beyonce like  "Ivy" and daddy Jay-Z like "Blue" so they came to a mutual agreement by settling on "Blue Ivy" and of course, me took me dad last name: CARTER.

There you have the truth, straight from my mouth.

Baby Ivy tired of flapping this tongue, so going sleepy now.


BEYONCE Gave Birth To Baby Blue Ivy Carter

YAY! I am FINALLY here!

It's me, Ivy Blue Carter. Me will post a bit more later. I so tired from the paparazzi flashing camera's in me face, the celebrity entertainment bloggers blogging about me, the mainstream news channels speaking 'bout me, being the hottest trending topic on Twitter, and then there's those STANS... mommy, why won't they just go away.

HUH? Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, momma, mommy, BEYONCE... why won't they go find something else to obsess over and gossip about? I get your time now.

Please tell them to get a life like I just got one. haha

Drooling out,

Ivy Blue Carter

Beyonce Delivers Blue Ivy Carter

What ole... looks like mommy Beyonce FINALLY delivers me. I'm delivered! Makes me think of that movie with what's her face, um, oh yeah, Gabrielle Union when they were delivered from evil. Or do I mean EVA... gimme a break, I only a day old.

But it did sort of feel the same. It felt like HELL living inside me mommy Beyonce womb. It was hot and I thought me was gonna drown deep in there. But me SURVIVED. YAY!

I think it was the c-section that helped me out.

Me so happy, but exhausted from all the attention. * about to sleep like a baby * haha

Drooling out,

Blue Ivy Carter