Sunday, January 8, 2012



Yeah, uh huh, I, "Blue Ivy" Carter is highly upset.

Me mommy stans believed the media when they spread rumor that me name was Ivy Blue Carter. Where that come from?

Get me name right, k? It is BLUE IVY Carter and I feeling blue over all of this.

When mommy Beyonce was laying in the hospital bed, I overheard a nurse asking what me name gonna be. She nearly choked and needed CPR when mama told her the color blue would be my first name.

 The nurse said I would be a sad case.  Spend most of my days drowning in tears, a sea of blue.

I think her was right. I no wanna cry no more, so get me name right next time!

Sorry for me baby tantrum and small rant. The mixing up, the incorrectness of my name  was still upsetting me. We good now.

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