Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Ivy MOST BEAUTIFUL Celebrity Baby

 Do you think that, I, Blue Ivy is the most beautiful celebrity baby? I tinks so.

YES, this was an arrogant post because I have every right to be!

No other celebrity kids and babies could stand a chance when it comes to my beauty. I the most beautiful baby that ever was born. Beyonce must be proud like I proud of her new journalism award.

 Beyonce Wins Journalism Award

YAY to go mommy!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BLUE IVY MEANING (Beyonce Blue Ivy Tree Video)

Beyonce clears the rumors on Blue Ivy Meaning in this video...

Beyoncé has posted a video of herself discussing the origins of her daughter Blue Ivy Carter's name. No, haters, it's not a shout out to the Illuminati, forget what you've heard about Blue Ivy backwards being Satanic, Lucifer's daughter in Latin, etc....

Blue Ivy spelled backwards is: 

Eulb Yvi or EulbYvi

The truth is Beyonce stumbled upon a beautiful sight while walking through the woods in Jamaica (apparently on the same trip where she showed her bare, controversial baby bump for the first and only time for the cameras).


In this Blue Ivy tree video, Beyonce is standing next to a Blue Ivy tree as Jay Z films her deciding on what to name their daughter. In this Beyonce video, you will see Blue Ivy meaning. Blue Ivy devil isn't it... so stop with the Illuminati conspiracies! In Beyonce's own words:

"Woke up this morning, we took a nice little walk, and passed by this beautiful tree," Beyoncé tells the cameraman in the video above, who is most definitely Jay-Z (you can clearly hear him say "Go" at the very beginning of the video). "I think it's Blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beyonce FAKE Pregnancy Video

In this Beyonce fake pregnancy video, you can read her thoughts on the rumors. Momma Tina Knowles had her say, too!

It's quite funny that even after Beyonce said she thought the rumors were "just crazy" Beyonce haters are still at it. Blue Ivy is a real baby, not reborn doll. Beyonce did not use a surrogate, so stop saying Beyonce is faking her pregnancy... well, faked being pregnant with baby Blue Ivy Carter!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Everybody and they momma wondering what is the meaning of the name Blue Ivy. People only want to know because after me mommy Beyonce gave birth, curious people questioned why she name ME, her precious little babydoll Blue Ivy.

Beyonce covering Blue Ivy With Daddy Jay Z

People thought my name would be Brooklyn (after the popular Jay-Z lyric "If we had a daughter, guess what I'm a call her? Brooklyn Carter), Sasha (as in Fierce, Beyonce's alter ego), Babyonce (har har), the list goes on.


Nobody seen that name coming, know what I mean?!!!!!!

Beyonce Covering Blue Ivy With Blanket Outside

 So, why Blue Ivy? If you seen the video of Beyonce, while pregnant, standing by a Blue Ivy tree then you would know. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, everybody listen to the conspiracy theorist who love saying Beyonce and Jay Z worship satan -- and are a part of the Illuminati New World Order.

Conspiracy theorists drew a connection between Blue Ivy and "Eulb Yvi", claiming it was Latin for Lucifer's daughter, and that exploded on Twitter. The Examiner debunked that interpretation by saying that the Bible makes no mention of Lucifer having a daughter and that there's no match to Eulb Yvi in the Latin dictionary.

(Fun fact silly people: Did you know it's illegal to name your child Lucifer in New Zealand?)

 Good Morning America suggested that Ivy is a play on the Roman numeral IV. The number four is significant to the power couple -- because celebrity parents Beyonce and Jay Z married on April 4th, (4/4), both of their birthdays are on the 4th (September and December), and Beyonce's fourth studio album was called "4."

"Ivy, a symbol of fertility, is an old-fashioned name enjoying a resurgence," Pamela Satran, naming expert and co-founder of told The Huffington Post. "It's just cracked the Top 300 for the first time since the 1890s, making it a stylish steampunk choice."
Linda Rosenkrankrantz, co-founder of Nameberry, adds that there was a jazz singer Ivy (aka Ivie) Anderson who sang with Duke Ellington. Do Beyonce and Jay-Z know her?
"Uncertain. But when I heard the name Blue I did think of Billie Holiday and Lady Sings the Blues," said Satran.

As for the baby's first name, according to International Business Times, it's simple: Jay-Z's favorite color. But, Satran and Rosenkrantz point out that Mr. and Mrs. Z aren't the first celebrities to use it. Satran said:
"Blue is one of the new color names that's been most enthusiastically embraced by celebrities, sometimes spelled the French way, Bleu, which might have been expected for Beyonce whose own name along with sister Solange's has French origins."

Cher and Gregg Allman may have started it all with their son Elijah Blue. John Travolta and Kelly Preston's daughter is Ella Bleu, Geri Halliwell's daughter is Bluebell, and last May, Alicia Silverstone chose "Blu" as the middle name to her highly critiqued baby boy name, Bear.
Satran also notes the other famous little girl who shares the name with Blue Ivy is the precocious heroine of the hip 2006 novel "Special Topics in Calamity" physics.

Yeah all the Beyonce Blue Ivy stans, fans, conspiracy theorist, Illuminati New World Order accuser have a say, but the meaning of Blue Ivy has nada to do with Satan (Lucifer), but everything to do with a Blue Ivy tree.

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy posting pics of Beyonce that me like. YAY!

And a pic of Beyonce covering Blue Ivy (ME) face and body... that me DON'T like!!!!!!

 I love the fresh air, the sun when it shines... BUT me rarely get any sunshine cause  Beyonce keeps hot blankets over me Blue body to cover me up so no one see how me look.

 I tired of baby blankets and me face being hidden from the world. Is Beyonce ashamed of the adorable me? ASHAMED to show me Blue Ivy face to the stans, fans, and haters. I PRETTY!

I want to show off my expensive baby shoes, baby clothes, not the colorful baby blankets BEYONCE keeps throwing over me. But I understand. You people try spreading rumors about me, Blue Ivy, so Beyonce's being a great protective mother... just like her inspiration Michael Jackson was over his kids.

Mommy Beyonce holding stomach with me, Blue Ivy, inside kicking and screaming to get out.This when me wasn't born, I was still in hot and wet womb.

Blue Ivy Mommy