Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Ivy MOST BEAUTIFUL Celebrity Baby

 Do you think that, I, Blue Ivy is the most beautiful celebrity baby? I tinks so.

YES, this was an arrogant post because I have every right to be!

No other celebrity kids and babies could stand a chance when it comes to my beauty. I the most beautiful baby that ever was born. Beyonce must be proud like I proud of her new journalism award.

 Beyonce Wins Journalism Award

YAY to go mommy!!!!!


  1. She is adorable, love Blue Ivy!

  2. Blue Is Most Beautiful Indeed. Sweet Lil Girl! Prettiest Little Princess Ever! What A Beauty! We Love You Darling! Tell Your Momma and Daddy That The Fans Said Hello, okay. Take Care Of Yourself Sweetie, Kisses, Love Ya, Muah!!!!!

  3. Blue Ivy is BEAUTIFUL with a capital B. She is the most beautiful baby my eyes have ever seen. Beyonce and Jay Z did a good job making her. Hope they have many more beautiful kids together. Nothing like real black love!

  4. ^ YES, It would be SO Wonderful for Beyonce to have some little brothers and sisters for Blue Ivy to play with. I pray that (in-time) God will Bless The Carters with as many more Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Children as They'd like to have. My Fave Celebrity Couple of All! I'm SO Happy For Them. They deserve it! Seeing Both of Them photographed 2gether.......I can just sense how much They Truly Love and Deeply Care for Each Other. They Are Best Friends, Lovers, & Soul Mates. One Was Made 4 The Other & Vise Versa. They have Really Great Chemistry. Real-Genuine-Black-LOVE is Awesome! Nothing & I Do Mean NOTHING in this World Can Compare to it, in my opinion.