Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beyonce Wins Journalism Award by The New York Association of Black Journalists

First mommy Beyonce won People Magazine Most Beautiful Woman of 2012, but that's not all. On May 15, 2012 Beyonce will be honored by the New York Association of Black Journalists.

Back in July 2011, Beyonce wrote a cover story for Essence magazine where Bey shared details of her spiritual and creative journey around the world during her 9 month hiatus.

In the issue, Beyonce wrote about making time to relax and take time for herself, her family, getting away from the hype of it all and having a “regular” life as well as her mom, me granny Tina Knowles, being her hero:  

Tina Knowles was my first example of what a powerful woman is. She shaped my thinking not so much by what she said, but what she did. At her salon she worked 13-hour days, managed her staff, styled hair, and gave out free advice to her clients. She would tell the women to remember their worth and that they couldn’t work all those hours and not treat themselves every now and then. My mama worked until she had calluses on her fingers and swollen feet, then she would find time to redecorate houses for her friends and make everyone’s prom and wedding dresses. She took me and my sister, Solange, to our dance classes and recitals, cooked us delicious meals, and brought us to church. On Sunday it was family day. Period. She worked hard for her family and never complained. That has not stopped. Even now, while running her own clothing company, my mother is there for us at our shows, video shoots and every milestone in her grandson Julez’s life. I’m still figuring out how she balances it all and makes it seem so effortless. 

My mother taught me the principles of hard work, setting my own goals and visualizing my future. From my early days with Destiny’s Child, I understood I had to be focused and dedicated if I wanted true success. We were taught we needed a plan and the discipline to execute that plan to the fullest. I strongly believe if you work hard, whatever you want, it will come to you. I know that’s easier said than done but keep trying. Before Destiny’s Child was signed, we were turned down by so many record labels. Then, when I was 13, we were signed but later dropped. On Star Search, we lost and were devastated but we kept on trying. 

That never-give-up attitude keeps me committed to helping people realize their potential. In March 2010, I opened a cosmetology school with my mom called The BeyoncĂ© Cosmetology Center at Phoenix House Career Academy in Brooklyn. The academy is for women and men who are in treatment for drug addiction. They are learning skills that will prepare them for their lives after recovery. With support, everyone has a chance to make it. 

I looked to my mother for inspiration — after all, she was the one who made me realize I needed some balance. She worked hard, but found time to go on vacations, spend time with me and Solange, go to concerts and dinners. Plus, she always, always looked amazing. I can still hear her stilettos as she walked through the house and smell her perfume.

Me mommy, Beyonce, also gave details to the reason she was taking time off:

“From the time my first solo album, Dangerously in Love, was released in 2003 until my last tour ended in February 2010, I’ve constantly been on the road, or in the studio, filming a movie, or doing promotions state-side or in Europe, Asia or Australia. After grinding for so long, I wanted a vacation — a real one. But getting it was going to take a little patience and hard work on my part.” I had talked about taking a vacation before, but always ended up in the studio after two weeks, so no one believed me. This time, though, I was serious. I was going to give myself a year to do the things I never get to do. Simple things like play with my nephew, pick him up from school, visit museums, go to concerts, see some Broadway shows, learn to cook a meal and spend time with my husband. My priority was savoring every moment. Yes, I needed some relaxation, but I wanted inspiration too, from regular, everyday things. They did not have to be over-the-top productions. I was looking for tiny moments that would speak to my heart and make me smile.

Read the full story at Essence: http://www.essence.com/2012/05/03/beyonce-knowles-nyabj-award-essence-article-eat-play-love#ixzz1trApxTbh

Cori Murray, Essence magazine’s entertainment director, praised Bey’s writing skills saying that she wrote every single word of the article: “She’s a real writer. We had to edit her, but everyone gets edited except Toni Morrison.”

Was Cori throwing shade at me mommy Beyonce with this Toni Morrison statement? Me no like her, but yay for mommy Beyonce for winning the journalism award -- I will win the next one. hehe!!!!!


  1. You go Beyonce for winning the journalism awardMay 4, 2012 at 6:01 PM

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  2. You go Beyonce for winning the journalism awardMay 4, 2012 at 6:04 PM

    I am so happy for Rihanna and Beyonce, they keep me happy with their achievements. I love to see a sister do great things, B we’re proud of you girl!

  3. Tina Knowles did GREAT job raising BeyonceMay 4, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    I LOVE Beyonce momma Tina Knowles... Ms Tina is an example of a real mother who took care of her kids women like Kim Zolciak(spell check) who have nannys and claim their have them cause their busy and tired dont really know the meaning

  4. Beyonce just dumbMay 4, 2012 at 7:41 PM

    Beyawnsay need to get her GED with her dumb a**

  5. Very Nice Letter. Truth and from the Heart. Great advice that We can All use. Congrats on the Award Bey! May you win many more! And please ignore the dumbAsses out here! They live to find faults with you. You Can Not win with some of these silly little {cREaTures}, i meant people. I will bet that they have NEVER-- Worked Hard For/Won/Earned/or Have been Handed a single solitary award in all of their useless worthless pathetic life--plus they pRobably never ever will HA!! And IF you don't know by now, Bey is Blessed and Has Very High Favor. All ordered by the Universe and the Higher Ups. It's Her Destiny. And there is Nothing you can do about it. SO Deal with that & Stay Madd!! Maybe all of that hate will cause some of you to Finally burst that Blood Vessel that you have been meaning to Rupture!! Tsk Tsk Tsk.. I tell you... it is Not good for your health. You are Not hurting Bey----you are killing Yourselves with all this animosity towards her. Oh well.. it's your life, you L0sers!!!!!!!!! GO Waste it, in which ever way you see fit. While the rest of us, who have better things to do... Get Out and Go For Our Goals! Yeahhh!

  6. Truly happy for Beyonce, she the greatest mother and writer ever. I hope she wins an award for her motherly skills next!!!!!!!!!!

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