Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Talk With Blue Ivy

Baby Blue Ivy Looks Like Beyonce Momma Knowles
Baby Blue Ivy Looks Like Beyonce Momma Tina Knowles
What you looking at? haha, you looking at me, Blue Ivy, huh?

I no smiling today. I was sooo tired of the flashing camera's, paparazzi, news channels spreading my business (yes I do have business, too!), Beyonce stans, celebrity bloggers posting blog posts about lil ole me, haters making videos of me, and ALL of it!

And if that wasn't enuff, daddy Jay Z had me do a song called "Glory" with him and Kanye. Kanye West, ya know him. Him the rude black guy from Chicago that snatched the mic from Taylor Swift at the VMA's (Video Music Awards) when her was giving her acceptance speech for "Best Female Video Award", because him know me mommy Beyonce deserved that award.

Him said to Taylor, "Yo Taylor, I'm proud of you and I'ma let you finish but Beyonce won Best Video Of All Time, OF ALL TIME!"

I guess me shouldn't hate on him after all, cause him defend me mommy and also make great beats and is great songwriter for me poppa, Jay Z.

I done ranting now. Just had to show you anotha pic of me and do a lil baby talk. I sooo love me; everybody loves baby Blue Ivy Carter!

Look at me as a newborn, my first baby picture.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beyonce Body After Giving Birth

Picture of Beyonce Body After Giving Birth
Beyonce Body After Giving Birth
 I no like this strange man touching me mommy Beyonce hand!

She gave her hand in marriage to me daddy Jay Z, not him. :(

Anyhow, you know you are sexy when you can give birth, and have a bangin hot body right after. Who am I kiddin', me mommy Beysus body was even hot and in shape during her pregnancy with me.

HAHA, y'all haters mad at mommy for having such a knock out body frame.

Beyonce Right After Giving Birth
Beyonce body right after giving birth
Her smiling, thinking of me, as she stepped out in New York City late night. I wonder who was watching and caring for me that night? Aunty Kelly, aunty Solange, granny Tina... I know not grandpa Matthew.

hmmm, I got some things to think about...