Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blue Ivy First baby Picture

First Picture of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy Sleeping
Aw, look a me!

This is the REAL me, baby Blue Ivy Carter. Mommy Beyonce gave birth to me during the cold wintertime in the BIG NY (New York) for the idiots. Her and daddy Jigga Man wanted to make sure I no freeze to death, so they wrapped me tightly in a polka dot baby blanket.

I was sleeping like a baby with me cute lil self. YES, I AM CONCEITED and have EVERY right to be!

Not only is me cute, cuter than you and one of the prettiest babies the world has ever laid eyes on, me also have rich & wealthy famous celebrity parents. How many babies can say their the lil princess of rapper Jay Z and singer Beyonce... I am truly a Destiny's child.

*pokes tongue out*


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