Monday, February 6, 2012

Beyonce Body After Giving Birth

Picture of Beyonce Body After Giving Birth
Beyonce Body After Giving Birth
 I no like this strange man touching me mommy Beyonce hand!

She gave her hand in marriage to me daddy Jay Z, not him. :(

Anyhow, you know you are sexy when you can give birth, and have a bangin hot body right after. Who am I kiddin', me mommy Beysus body was even hot and in shape during her pregnancy with me.

HAHA, y'all haters mad at mommy for having such a knock out body frame.

Beyonce Right After Giving Birth
Beyonce body right after giving birth
Her smiling, thinking of me, as she stepped out in New York City late night. I wonder who was watching and caring for me that night? Aunty Kelly, aunty Solange, granny Tina... I know not grandpa Matthew.

hmmm, I got some things to think about...

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