Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy posting pics of Beyonce that me like. YAY!

And a pic of Beyonce covering Blue Ivy (ME) face and body... that me DON'T like!!!!!!

 I love the fresh air, the sun when it shines... BUT me rarely get any sunshine cause  Beyonce keeps hot blankets over me Blue body to cover me up so no one see how me look.

 I tired of baby blankets and me face being hidden from the world. Is Beyonce ashamed of the adorable me? ASHAMED to show me Blue Ivy face to the stans, fans, and haters. I PRETTY!

I want to show off my expensive baby shoes, baby clothes, not the colorful baby blankets BEYONCE keeps throwing over me. But I understand. You people try spreading rumors about me, Blue Ivy, so Beyonce's being a great protective mother... just like her inspiration Michael Jackson was over his kids.

Mommy Beyonce holding stomach with me, Blue Ivy, inside kicking and screaming to get out.This when me wasn't born, I was still in hot and wet womb.

Blue Ivy Mommy

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