Monday, March 5, 2012

Beyonce Pregnant Pics

Beyonce and Jay Z Chilling at beach while she's pregnant
Beyonce and Jay Z chilling at beach while she's pregant with Blue Ivy

More pics of mommy Beyonce when her were pregnant. YAY!!!

Beyonce and Camel Jay Z
Beyonce and camel husband Jay Z

Thank God for cameras cause now I know exactly how mommy Beyonce looked when preggo with me, Blue Ivy. I like me mommy Beysus outfit, but what was poppa Camel wearing?

Me daddy Jay Z musta thought him was back in Harlem somewhere.

Beyonce pregnant dressed in all black
Beyonce pregnant dressed in all black, wearing black lace stockings

Beyonce, me MOMMY, was rocking them lace stockings and looking cute wif it too!

Her not cheap like you hood chicks that shop at Rainbow, Ross 4 Less, and them other cheap stores. Mommy Beyonce classy and has great taste in clothing! Yeah uh huh her does!

Beyonce pregnant, with her head down touching preggy stomach
Beyonce preggy, dressed in jeans, holding head down touching pregnant belly

I didnt like Beyonce wearing high heels when me her baby was in her tummy. What if she would have stumbled or FELL?

I crying now. I feel sooo blue!!!

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